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  • What is Seatrekking?
    In this new outdoor sport you move over several days in the water and on land, along a coastline in nature. In these surroundings you are experiencing and discovering this special environment up close and in full accordance with the elements. The water stages are covered by snorkeling, freediving and swimming. Again and again walks on land can be included with the trail to explore special places, to adapt to the weather or trail area or simply to move completely freely and flexiblein the coastal region. We sleep outside under the stars only using a air matress and a sleeping bag. In case of rain we use a tarp to protect us.
  • How does a "normal" Seatrekking tour look like?"
    We offer you guided Seatrekking trails throughout Europe for beginners, advanced and professionals. Depending on the level, the duration and planning of trails will be adjusted. Our regular tours last four days and three nights. For beginner trails there is an additional preparation and exercise day. At the starting point you will receive your complete equipment and briefing for the trail or even an introduction and training session for equipment handling and introduction to the philosophy of sport depending on your level and knowledge. The trail starts in the water. We pause on a stone and snack, then we jump in the water again. We arrive at the end point and build the camp, gather wood and cook our dinner on the fire. Overnight in the open air or when having bad weather we stay under a tarp. The next morning we start with yoga and breathing exercises, breakfast and jump back into the water along the coast. In the afternoon we continue the trail ashore and cross over a land tip until we come to the sea again. We build up the camp, cook our food, look into the stars and stare into the fire. The days are similarly continued. From time to time, we are having freediving sessions, we search for drinking water, jump off cliffs and properly cook special pizza by the fire. After arriving back in civilization, we enjoy a meal and beer together at a local restaurant to celebrate the special adventure.
  • Is the floating bag not annoying while snorkeling and pulling it along in the water?
    No not at all. The ÁETEM packs - like the Big Pack - swim almost unnoticeable after you. Since the Big Pack will also be inflated through a valve, the backpack is under pressure and therefore floats on the water surface. It can even be used as a buoy. The leash, which is the connection between you and the stream pack, is extremely elastic. Thereby, the already small amount of force is distributed evenly to the entire leg muscles. With a length of up to 10 meters the leash allows most dives. If you want to go deeper, the packs can be easily attached to a rock.
  • Which physical conditions do you have to bring for Seatrekking?
    Basically we offer professionally guided Seatrekking Trails all over Europe for beginners, advanced and professionals. The distances and the tempo in the water are fundamentally freely determinable. That's why it's important to have a snorkeling experience.
  • How do I behave as a Seatrekker? What should I put attention on?
    Of course, if you're on the road in a sensitive ecosystem like we are, you're not likely to leave any traces, let alone litter it and maintain your natural balance. So no beer can party on the beach! Much more a first Tauchgtang in the morning at sunrise. We also follow the Seatrekking Codex!
  • When I book a tour with The SeaNomads, what do I get for it?"
    You get a professional guided tour with at least one guide. We also ask you: Stream Pack + "Basic Equipment": - Water: Leash, fins, glasses, snorkel, wetsuit, flight lead - Outdoor: sleeping bag, liner, mattress, bivouac sleeping bag, 3 packs (for clothing & food), water bag, cooker, chopping board
  • What additional costs are incurred?
    In addition to the course fee, there are costs for the arrival, any overnight stays on campsites at the starting point, as well as the food. Tips and recipes for food planning, as well as a packing list you will get after the registration.
  • I would like to do a tour with my friends / work colleagues, is that possible?"
    Of course! For group requests of 5 persons we also find flexible dates or other trail areas. Just get in touch with us. We are also happy to organize specially tailored trails and workshops.
  • Is Seatrekking suitable for large groups?
    Not necessarily. Seat-trekking lives from the experience of nature and this is no longer possible in a too large group. In addition, we want to move as "invisible and quiet" in nature. Therefore, our maximum number of participants is usually 5 people
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